Ukraine Sends Call to Arms to FBI, UK’s NCA, Europol

A new version of ransomware dubbed as “NotPetya” that has hit Ukraine during their Constitution Day led the country to seek help from the FBI, Europol, and the National Crime Agency of England in tracking the culprits behind the cyberattack. Ukraine’s Security Service, Sluzhba Bezpeky Ukrayiny (SBU), raised a call for international organizations to come together to hunt the offenders. In a statement, SBU reported that other cyber security institutions will join the investigation. The attack in Ukraine spread mainly through a corrupted software update from a tax accounting software in the country called M.E.Doc. However, an investigation conducted by F-secure stated […]

Fears on NSA’s hold on Cyberweapons Mount with Recent Hacks

Stolen cyber weapons from the National Security Agency have been used twice in the past month against two of the United States’ allies; Britain and Ukraine. The US government said through the Department of Homeland Security that they found evidence of North Korea over WannaCry ransonmware attack. Speculations of the involvement of Russian hackers in the attack in Ukraine on Tuesday began to mount, and in both cases, the tools that the NSA had used to exploit Microsoft’s vulnerabilities were used.  These tools were stolen by the Shadow Brokers group who made them public in April. Source: NY Times

NATO may Invoke Collective Defense Clause over Cyber-Attack

According to the Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty; an attack on one member is considered an attack on all NATO members, even within the bounds of cyber warfare. In response to the recent cyber assaults, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg revealed that aside from land, sea, and air, NATO is establishing cyberspace as a military domain. NATO’s 29 allies are currently working to improve its member nation’s cyber defenses. NATO says that these cyber-attacks are now employing advanced psychological warfare, information operations, coercion, and intimidation, and has become a big threat to the future of democracy, as well as […]

Cyber-attack Blamed on Accounting Software

Ukrainian accounting software, MEDoc, is suspected as the source of the infection that caused the recent wave of cyber-attacks that disrupted the operations of companies around the globe, including government agencies, banks , and law firms. Security experts say that they have logs that point to MEDoc. According to UK malware expert Marcus Hutchins, the software’s automatic update system had been compromised and ran the the virus instead of the updates. Microsoft also blamed the tax software in their blogpost.  MEDoc denied these allegations in a Facebook post Source: BBC

US Nuclear Plant Computer System Hacked

At least one US nuclear power plant suffered a breach, reports ABC news. According to E&E News, no evidence suggested that the hack obtained sensitive information.  Federal authorities SAY the breach only compromised less sensitive business data. Public authorities have not announced any information on who may be responsible. Agencies are looking into the possibility that another country may have been involved in the attack. It was not officially stated if the incident was related to any other reported cyber-attacks. Source: ABC News

Ukraine States Cyber-Attack Under Control

The highly infectious malware that hit computers around the world last Tuesday may have originated in Ukraine’s computer networks. The attack which impaired multiple branches of the government and significant targets in the private sector, happened on the eve of Constitution Day, a holiday. Chief executive of Infosafe IT in Kiev, Vicyor Zhora said that the virus has begun to spread around Europe, and that it is possible that effects and repercussions could reach a global scale. Among the affected in Ukraine include government offices, energy companies, post office, banks, cash, machines, supermarkets, and even the country’s largest airport. The […]

Kremlin Calls for Global Action Against Cybercrime

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said on Wednesday that the recent cyber-attacks, such as the one that targeted Russia this Tuesday highlighted the need for rigorous international action in the fight against cyber-crime. Peskov added that the attack last Tuesday did not cause any serious problems at a state or corporate level but Kremlin had no data on the cyber-attack’s origin. Source: Reuters

US, Israel Team Up Against Cybersecurity Threat

Thomas Bossert, assistant to US President Donald Trump for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism announced a bilateral cyber working group between US and Israel at the Cyber Week 2017 conference held in Tel Aviv. The group will be led by US White House cybersecurity coordinator Rob Joyce and Eviatar Matania, Israel’s director general of the National Cyber Directorate, with the aim to protect critical infrastructure against attacks while tracking down perpetrators. Bossert mentioned that the cybersphere has been one of the biggest strategic challenges after 9/11 since cyberspace knows no boundaries, and that there needs to be an international consensus regarding […]

Cisco, Apple to Widen Partnership to Improve Security

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins’ keynote address in July 26 discussed the two companies’ plans to expand their partnership, specifically in the field of security to help reduce the rising cost of cyber-security insurance premiums. The IT giant also announced the Cisco Security Connector program for iOS devices which will allow enterprises a better view of corporate-owned iPhones and iPads to enhance protection against cyber-attacks while ensuring the devices meet compliance requirements. Source: EWeek