iCloud Bug Could Have Risked Apple Customer Passwords

iCloud Bug Could Have Risked Apple Customer Passwords

A security researcher has recently revealed his discovery of a major vulnerability in iOS devices that could have been the biggest security of the year. Alex Radocea of Longterm Security disclosed the details of the bug last Wednesday at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. He found out that there was a flaw in the way the iCloud Keychain syncs data across devices which a sophisticated hacker could exploit to obtain sensitive data from an iPad, iPhone, or Mac.   Radocea said that the iCloud Keychain uses a customized version of the Off-the-Record encryption protocol which he was able […]

Cybersecurity Company Stocks Soar in the Wake of Cyber Assaults

A cyber assault on Mondelez International, an American multinational food and beverage company rallied stock prices of cybersecurity firms such as Barracuda, Palo Alto Networks, and FireEye on Friday. The Illinois-based snack and drink company reported an attack on June 27 that affected its invoicing and shipping capacities. Mondelez admitted that the cyber assault cost them about 3% off their revenue growth rate for the second quarter. According to Keybanc, 2016 was already a record year for data breaches and cyber assaults. A report to their clients showed a 35% increase in business ransomware, a 58% rise in Distributed Denial […]

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DICT Releases Circular on Cloud Policy, Adopts “Cloud First” Approach

In a circular dated 18 January 2017, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (‘DICT’) prescribed the policy on the government’s policy use of cloud computing technology. The policy is meant to reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and develop excellent citizen online services. The circular covers all departments, bureaus, offices, and agencies of the national government and GOCCs and LGU. Under the circular, ‘cloud computing’ is defined as a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. It recognises that cloud computing has brought new and more efficient means of managing government […]