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EU Compels Google, Facebook, and Twitter to Improve User Terms

EU Compels Google, Facebook, and Twitter to Improve User Terms

Brussels, Belgium — Last Tuesday, tech giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter were pushed by officials of the European Union (EU) to revise their user terms to align with the new EU law. The U.S.-based technology companies previously proposed updated laws, but were deemed inadequate by the EU. The European Commission requested them to submit improved laws by July 20 to be enforced by the end of September. The proposals came under fire when authorities scrutinized terms which limited their accountability so they can remove illegal or inappropriate content without informing users. Facebook stated that they followed the request, saying they […]

Snapchat Gets Strong.Codes Engineers to Prevent App Imitators

Snapchat Gets Strong.Codes Engineers to Prevent App Imitators

According to a report last Sunday, Snapchat is employing efforts to stop other social media companies from copying their app. By hiring Strong.Codes, software engineers can obscure their code and make it difficult to interpret. Over the past year, users have seen other social media platforms with updates that strikingly resemble features in Snapchat. These copycat platforms have also gained more user activity, sometimes exceeding those of the original app. Snapchat is stepping up its game following reports that the popular image messaging app is financially under-performing. Apart from the move to secure its code, the company began more aggressive […]

Twitter’s Internal Anti-Abuse Statistics Reveals Improvements

Twitter’s Internal Anti-Abuse Statistics Reveals Improvements

A report last Thursday highlighted Twitter’s improved rates in handling online abuse cases. The social media platform published a blog with the latest anti-abuse data which suggests their recent efforts are working. Like other social networks, Twitter has its fair share of offenders who continue to send abusive statuses directed at other users. The social media platform has also been criticized in the past for not responding fast enough to stop online bullying. Twitter general manager Ed Ho stated that they have been suspending thousands of offensive accounts daily. Compared to the previous year, the published report stated Twitter has […]

Amazon May be Developing a New Messaging App

According to news last Saturday, Amazon has been conducting a survey to get user information on what seems to be a new messaging app. AFTV News posted screenshots from a survey-taker, detailing the Anytime name and the app’s features. Description from the survey states that the app will enable users to communicate with each other without the need to get phone numbers, just like Viber and WhatsApp. It also says it offers data encryption for messages to keep chats private. Careful examination of the survey showed that there was one typographical error on a page that read “ecrypt” instead of […]

News Outlets May Do Ads on Google and Facebook

This week, news outlets have sought Congress’ permission for a joint negotiation with online advertising giants, Google and Facebook. The news industry’s print readership and advertising revenue has sharply declined since moving online. In the negotiation, the news outlets hope to get stronger intellectual property protection , support for subscription models, and a larger share in the online advertising market. Composed of almost 2000 news organizations, the News Media Alliance said Google and Facebook has drastically changed how news and information is . They also pointed out how these rules contribute to the proliferation of fake news, as stated in […]

Mysterious Bug Shuts Down Instagram Accounts

A number of Instagram users had been unable to access their accounts earlier this week. Multiple accounts from the photo-sharing app are reported to have mysteriously disappeared, fueling users to bombard the app’s Twitter and Facebook accounts with questions, complaints and requests to reinstate deleted accounts. Instagram announced on Twitter that they are aware of the bug and are working to swiftly fix the issue. They assured users that accounts have not been deleted, and no pictures are lost. A few users reported a prompt in the app that asked them to provide their phone number to which a security […]

PMs Move to Fine Companies Likened to Chinese Censorship

United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed fines for tech companies who fail to do ‘enough’ to combat extremist material sparked concerns of a China-like censorship. Independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, Max Hill QC pressed that fines should not be imposed on internet companies as it will be difficult to quantify exactly how much they need to do in order to not be fined. He added that the government needs to bring in tech companies to work on their side instead of threatening them with fines. Source: The Guardian

Facebook Algorithm Updates to Restrict a Small Amount of Spammers

Social media giant Facebook announced on Friday that it rolled out an algorithm update for its news feed to curb the influence of users who are known to regularly share or post links to fake websites, sensationalist content, and click bait articles. Facebook Inc said the update should lessen the reach of a small group of users that it has identified. These users routinely share massive amounts of “low-quality” public posts everyday to spam people’s feeds. The company added that the said group is only around 0.1 percent of people who share around 50 or more posts per day. The […]

Silicon Valley May Not Be Equipped to Counter Terrorism Online

  Tech companies Microsoft, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook announced on Monday that they are joining forces to fight extremism on their platforms. However, this involves privatizing counter-terrorism measures and making it the responsibility of tech firms. As a result, potentially underpaid and undertrained moderators are expected to do police work along with the help of artificial intelligence programmed to catch potentially dangerous content. Extremists like the Islamic State have been using platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to recruit members, spread propaganda, and hate speech. Policy makers around the globe have begun demanding more effective ways of removing extremist material from social […]

Twitter Users May Soon be Able to Tag ‘Fake News’

Social media platform Twitter is mulling over a feature that would allow users report false, misleading, or offensive content. In a report from the Washington Post, the feature is ‘still in prototype phase’ and a release date has not been finalized. Users will be able to flag hateful or fake content similar to the platform’s current spam reporting section. The process has progressed slowly due to concerns that users may “abuse” the system using mass reporting for otherwise non-hateful content. A collection of studies from the Oxford University reported that Twitter and Facebook were heavily used to sway public opinion with […]