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Google Researchers Create Algorithm That Can Remove Stock Photo Watermarks

Google Researchers Create Algorithm That Can Remove Stock Photo Watermarks

Earlier this week, Google researchers were able to remove watermarks on stock photos using an algorithm. The algorithm is able to detect repetitive watermarks after analyzing a portal’s images. It then creates a mask that removes the semi-transparent layer from the images to restore it to its original state. However, minute variations on the watermark’s position, shape, or transparency can prevent the algorithm from reconstructing the original photo. The researchers informed the stock photography portals of their findings, which were also presented at the 2017 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR 2017) Source: Bleeping Computer

Music Piracy is Now Done via “Stream-Ripping”

A study by the Intellectual Property Office and PRS for Music found out that “stream-ripping” is rapidly becoming the most popular way of pirating music in the United Kingdom. Stream-ripping sites copy and distribute illegally “tens, or even hundreds of millions of tracks” monthly, as claimed by record labels. The research also revealed that 15% of adults in UK regularly use the service. Out of that number, 33% come from the 16-24 age bracket. IPO’s Chief Economist Pippa Hall says that pirates are quick to find innovative infringement tactics to new piracy solutions. A single service is believed to service […]

Qualcomm says Apple Infringed Six iPhone & iPad Patents

Qualcomm Inc is asking the U.S International Trade Commission to prevent Apple from selling certain iPhones and iPads in the United States, claiming that these units use chips created by their competitor Intel Corp (INTC.O) that infringes up to six Qualcomm patents. Qualcomm is also requesting the U.S ITC to ban the importation of said Apple devices. The San Diego-based chip company filed another related lawsuit on Thursday in a California court, demanding monetary damages. In a related statement, Apple accused Qualcomm of unfairly adding a tax on Apple devices using their chips. Animosity between the two companies started to […]

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