NATO may Invoke Collective Defense Clause over Cyber-Attack

According to the Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty; an attack on one member is considered an attack on all NATO members, even within the bounds of cyber warfare. In response to the recent cyber assaults, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg revealed that aside from land, sea, and air, NATO is establishing cyberspace as a military domain. NATO’s 29 allies are currently working to improve its member nation’s cyber defenses. NATO says that these cyber-attacks are now employing advanced psychological warfare, information operations, coercion, and intimidation, and has become a big threat to the future of democracy, as well as […]

Cyber-attack Blamed on Accounting Software

Ukrainian accounting software, MEDoc, is suspected as the source of the infection that caused the recent wave of cyber-attacks that disrupted the operations of companies around the globe, including government agencies, banks , and law firms. Security experts say that they have logs that point to MEDoc. According to UK malware expert Marcus Hutchins, the software’s automatic update system had been compromised and ran the the virus instead of the updates. Microsoft also blamed the tax software in their blogpost.  MEDoc denied these allegations in a Facebook post Source: BBC

Call Center Investments Drop in Q1

An official from The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) said that investments in the call center industry in the Philippines fell on the first quarter of 2017 as compared to the same period last year. Jojo Uligan, CCAP president indicated that the change of leadership and global changes in the digital world may have caused a shift in some industries, but is not directly responsible for the drop. He added that the Philippines is still the largest call center industry in the region, and is still growing and continuously hiring. CCAP is now closely working with the government […]

First Fintech Building Tool in Africa Launched

Konkart, a platform enabling startups and developers to seamlessly create and manage virtual wallets has recently been introduced to Africa’s fintech sector. It intends to provide startups the ability to create and manage virtual wallets and transactions, as well as in-depth data analysis. Konkart’s core focus is to help startups develop Fintech solutions to address the unbanked sector in Africa. Koncart provides tools like Wallet API, Transaction ledgers API, and Business Intelligence analytics dashboard which allow business owners to create and maintain virtual wallets and manage transactions. Source: IT News Africa

Bitcoin Processing Man in Florida Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

A man from Florida is now facing 5 ½ years of prison time after being found guilty of boosting a business that assisted criminals in processing illegal bitcoin transactions. Anthony Murgio from Florida was sentenced by a New York judge last Tuesday. He pleaded guilty early this year, apologizing to friends and family for the scheme. Prosecutors revealed that from April 2013 to July 2015, Murgio has processed as much as $10 million worth of illegal bitcoin transactions. Source: Business Insider

Facebook Cracks Down on Hate Speech

Social media giant Facebook has been deleting as much as 66,000 hate speech related posts a week. The company defined hate speech as any attack made on people based on race, sexual orientation and other characteristics, and that they heavily rely on user generated reports that are in turn, reviewed by their employees to weed out said posts. With a team of approximately 4,500 workers solely designated to reviewing posts and online content, Facebook says it plans on hiring 3,000 more in the coming year. Source: US News

US Nuclear Plant Computer System Hacked

At least one US nuclear power plant suffered a breach, reports ABC news. According to E&E News, no evidence suggested that the hack obtained sensitive information.  Federal authorities SAY the breach only compromised less sensitive business data. Public authorities have not announced any information on who may be responsible. Agencies are looking into the possibility that another country may have been involved in the attack. It was not officially stated if the incident was related to any other reported cyber-attacks. Source: ABC News

Ukraine States Cyber-Attack Under Control

The highly infectious malware that hit computers around the world last Tuesday may have originated in Ukraine’s computer networks. The attack which impaired multiple branches of the government and significant targets in the private sector, happened on the eve of Constitution Day, a holiday. Chief executive of Infosafe IT in Kiev, Vicyor Zhora said that the virus has begun to spread around Europe, and that it is possible that effects and repercussions could reach a global scale. Among the affected in Ukraine include government offices, energy companies, post office, banks, cash, machines, supermarkets, and even the country’s largest airport. The […]

Kremlin Calls for Global Action Against Cybercrime

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said on Wednesday that the recent cyber-attacks, such as the one that targeted Russia this Tuesday highlighted the need for rigorous international action in the fight against cyber-crime. Peskov added that the attack last Tuesday did not cause any serious problems at a state or corporate level but Kremlin had no data on the cyber-attack’s origin. Source: Reuters

UK Arrests Microsoft Scam Callers

An investigation in the UK led to the arrest of four people involved in fraudulent callers posing as IT support from Microsoft. The inquiry found that while most of the calls were from India, two men and two women from England have been arrested on suspicion of fraud. According to Action Fraud, UK’s national fraud and cyber-reporting centre, there were 34,504 reports on computer software service fraud made in the past financial year. Action Fraud revealed that 62 is the average age of victims who pay an average of £600. Source: BBC