Source Code Leak on Windows 10 Embarrasses Microsoft

Source codes related to Windows 10’s USB, storage, and WiFi drivers have been posted on Beta Archive, a free FTP Site. Microsoft confirms the leak, verifying the authenticity of the Shared Source initiative. While the data leak is not serious, it may leave an embarrassing mark on Microsoft’s rep during a time where there is heightened concern on computer security. Source: Engadget

Telegram App Targeted by Russia after Bombing in St. Petersburg

Russian authorities are threatening to block the app Telegram after refusing to allow regulators access to encrypted messages in the app. The Russian-founded app came under fire after the Russia‘s FSB security’s investigation into the St. Petersburg attack, pointing that they have “received reliable information about the use of Telegram by the suicide bomber, his accomplices and their mastermind abroad to conceal their criminal plots at all the stages of preparation for the terrorist attack.” Source: BBC