Basic Graphics Editor Microsoft Paint To Be Canceled After 32 Years

Basic Graphics Editor Microsoft Paint To Be Canceled After 32 Years

Last Monday, Microsoft announced that the upcoming Windows 10 Autumn update is due to remove MS Paint, its first graphics editing program, after 32 years. The program is no longer in development and is said to be under the deprecated list for apps together with other defunct programs like Reading list, Reader app, and MS Outlook Express. Despite its availability, MS Paint was not really considered a highly developed program due to limitations in PCX formats and files being saved in bitmap. Until the Windows 98 release, it couldn’t save in jpeg. It was used for doodling or doing quick […]

Britain’s NCSC Says it Never Certified Kaspersky Products

London, England — Last Tuesday, Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) stated that has never approved equipment from Kaspersky Lab, according to news last Monday. The NCSC, which is linked to Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), said that sellers are required enlist and have their products authorized by an official lab partner. Products are approved through a scope of initiatives to determine which best serves their goals. However, the NSCS states Kaspersky products were never part of their list. Kaspersky Lab is a cyber security company based in Russia. To date, the company claims they have been dragged down by […]

Microsoft and Linux Resolves Kerberos Login Theft Bug

Last Thursday, Microsoft and Linux released patches that fixed the unseen bug in the Kerberos network authentication protocol. The flaw had been in the system for over 20 years before developers were able to address it. The bug could bypass the program’s authentication process, making it vulnerable to remote privilege escalation and login theft. But even then, hackers would still need network access to take advantage of the flaw. Tech businesses like Microsoft are being made aware of the recent developments, but after 20 years, not all Kerberos vendors may still be there to resolve the flaw. The bug named […]

Telegram App Might Get Total Ban in Indonesia

Indonesia announced on Friday that it’s blocking web versions of Telegram, a messaging app that provides encryption for messages, saying that they will have to shut it down it completely if the app cannot block violent militants from using it for radical propaganda.   In a statement, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology said it requested internet companies in the country to stop access to 11 addresses on Telegram’s available web version. Southeast Asian nations like Indonesia are improving efforts to fight Islamic radicalism after the Mindanao City of Marawi was taken by IS-linked extremists. Police have recently arrested suspected […]

Millions of Android and iOS devices affected by Broadpwn Bug

Earlier this month, security researcher Nitay Artensen discovered an Android bug that allows hackers to execute code on Android and iOS devices without needing any interaction from the user. Nicknamed “Broadpwn”, the vulnerability affects millions of Android and iOS users with Broadcom Wi-Fi chips in their devices. Google released a fix for the issue last July 5 after receiving a private report from Artenstein. Artenstein will hold a presentation this August at the Black Hat USA security conference in Las Vegas where he will be discussing Broadpwn and the risks from Broadcom Wi-Fi chips, specifically the Broadcom BCM43xx family.

Google Releases Patches Addressing Critical Security Vulnerabilities in Android

A total of 138 vulnerabilities on the Android platform were addressed last Wednesday with updates released in this month’s set of security patches. The security patch for July 1, 2017 addresses 10 critical, 28 high severity ranking, and 5 moderate vulnerabilities, as well as 43 bugs in Android. In an advisory from Google, a media framework critical security vulnerability is the most severe issue which allows a remote hacker to use a crafter file to execute arbitrary code. Google also says that devices running on a security level patch of July 5, 2017 should be safe from the reported vulnerabilities […]

Leak Reveals Malware that Targets Linux Systems

In Vault 7, a release from WikiLeaks containing CIA documents detailed hacking tools in the possession of the agency included OutLawCountry, a malware that goes after Linux systems The document, dated June 4, 2015, states that a kernel module for Linux 26 includes OutlawCountry, a malware that allows CIA operators to redirect outbound traffic to a server they control for infiltration purposes. The malware was designed for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6x and CentOS systems with either the 64bit or 32bit version of the Linux kernel. WikiLeaks released a number of leaks on other malware programs earlier this month including […]

Microsoft Now Collecting Less Data from PCs

France’s National Data Protection Commission (CNIL ) announced that Windows has drastically reduced the amount of data it collects from Windows 10 PCs and is now in compliance with French data protection rules. In July of last year, the French regulating body issued a notice to Microsoft threatening to fine the software giant of up to €150,000 ($158,000) if Windows 10’s data-collection process isn’t changed to comply with “Informatique et Libertés”. Source: Tech Republic

Source Code Leak on Windows 10 Embarrasses Microsoft

Source codes related to Windows 10’s USB, storage, and WiFi drivers have been posted on Beta Archive, a free FTP Site. Microsoft confirms the leak, verifying the authenticity of the Shared Source initiative. While the data leak is not serious, it may leave an embarrassing mark on Microsoft’s rep during a time where there is heightened concern on computer security. Source: Engadget

Telegram App Targeted by Russia after Bombing in St. Petersburg

Russian authorities are threatening to block the app Telegram after refusing to allow regulators access to encrypted messages in the app. The Russian-founded app came under fire after the Russia‘s FSB security’s investigation into the St. Petersburg attack, pointing that they have “received reliable information about the use of Telegram by the suicide bomber, his accomplices and their mastermind abroad to conceal their criminal plots at all the stages of preparation for the terrorist attack.” Source: BBC