Microsoft Cracks Down On Infamous Russian Hacker Group

Microsoft Cracks Down On Infamous Russian Hacker Group

A report on Saturday said Microsoft is legally pursuing the notorious Russian hacking organization known as Fancy Bear, seizing its central control servers to weaken espionage activities. The tech giant filed the lawsuit to gain control of over 70 global server control points used by Fancy Bear to stealthily deliver malware to computers. Upon getting legal control of the servers, the hackers will be disconnected from their victims and Microsoft will gain access to the roster of spies on the network. Fancy Bear is a hacking organization that’s supported by the Russian government. According to U.S. intelligence sources, the group […]

Turkey Issues Warrants for 105 IT Experts Involved in Failed Coup

Turkey’s state-run media revealed that their government has issued arrest warrants for 105 information technology specialists (IT) who have allegedly aided Turkey’s failed coup in 2016. With warrants issued last Tuesday, Turkey slated events that marked the July 15 anniversary of the failed coup where an estimated 250 people died. According to Anadalou Agency, there are now 52 detained suspects which include former employees from telecommunications groups and the Turkish scientific research council. The detainees allegedly provided technical support to coup conspirators. Last year, Turkey declared a state of emergency that led to the arrest of 50,000 people suspected of […]

Mark Cuban to Release his First Initial Coin Offering

Celebrity investor, businessman, and Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise owner Mark Cuban is set to launch his first Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Cuban said to CoinDesk that Unikrn, a Cuban portfolio company is already relaying information to its investors about the impending ICO that is meant to add to its current venture capital funds Unikrn is a Seattle-based e-sports betting platform founded in 2014. The firm’s own digital token called “Unikoins” allows anyone around the world to bet using the firm’s currency. The platform has raised $10 million from investors such as Elisabeth Murdoch, Ashton Kutcher, and 500 Startups. Source: Coin […]

US Charges British Businessman on Fake Bitcoin Site Scam

The US charged a British businessman with securities fraud last Friday for scamming investors with a Bitcoin trading platform that turned out to be fake. UK citizen Renwick Haddow was accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of funnelling invested funds from a bogus bitcoin site and Bar Works, a flexible workspace, to bank accounts in Morocco and Mauritius. SEC said Haddow used names of senior executives as people behind ghost operations and gave false details on the success stories the companies he represented. Bar Works in Florida faces a similar case filed by a different investment group. Source: […]

Facebook Algorithm Updates to Restrict a Small Amount of Spammers

Social media giant Facebook announced on Friday that it rolled out an algorithm update for its news feed to curb the influence of users who are known to regularly share or post links to fake websites, sensationalist content, and click bait articles. Facebook Inc said the update should lessen the reach of a small group of users that it has identified. These users routinely share massive amounts of “low-quality” public posts everyday to spam people’s feeds. The company added that the said group is only around 0.1 percent of people who share around 50 or more posts per day. The […]

Cybersecurity Training for IT Teachers in Visayas

In support of the country’s efforts for cyber-readiness, 60 Information Technology (IT) instructors from Visayas have just completed training on cyber-security awareness. The program that started last Friday included in the two-day training was a Certified Secure Computer User certification exam. Executive director of Iloilo Federation for Information Technology, Joeven Tansi stated the educators were given training on properly securing computer systems before and in the event of a cyber attack. Information and Communications Technology councils are also exploring ways to educate and promote awareness on cyber security to K-12 professors and the media. Source: Rappler

Dockless Bike Sharing Raises Privacy and Safety Concerns in Sydney

Sydney’s first dockless-bike sharing service receives flak from cycling advocates prior to the service’s launch in July. “Our concerns are really about privacy – at the moment, if you look at the detailed terms of use that are sometimes included on their websites, they won’t rule out the possibly of tracking people even when they are not using the bike.” said Institute of Sensible Transport’s director of transport innovation Elliot Fishman. Source: The Guardian

Data Protection Officers: A Quick Guide

The Data Privacy Act of 2012 provides for security measures for the protection of personal data. Under Rule VI of the law, personal information controllers and personal information processors, shall, in appropriate cases, designate Data Protection or Compliance Officers as their representatives. These officers shall be held accountable for “ensuring compliance with applicable laws regarding the protection of data privacy and security.” [1] Data Protection Officers (DPOs), are mandated to ensure that data protection policies providing for organization, physical, and technical security measures are followed. The rights of data subjects are respected when the personal information controllers and processors, represented […]

The Philippine E-Government Fund

The Philippine E-Government Fund

The Philippine Government has a vision of e-governance—that ICT should be used to effect good governance through a more efficient delivery of services to its citizens.[1] As envisioned, E-Government is the government’s use of web-based internet applications and other information and communications technologies combined with processes to enhance the access to and delivery of government services and bring about improvements in, among other things, effectiveness, efficiency, service quality or transformation of government operations.[2] According to the CICT, ICT will be used in streamlining and simplifying government processes, within and across agencies, and integrating systems and networks to allow swift exchange […]