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Fintech Finances Soar to a Noteworthy US$5.2 Billion in Q2

Fintech Finances Soar to a Noteworthy US$5.2 Billion in Q2

London, England — According to news last Tuesday, Financial technology (fintech) funds have reached a notable record of US$5.2 billion in the second quarter. This is attributed to the rise of 26 ‘unicorn’ fintech startups that are worth US$1 or more, and 5 rookie firms reaching a significant development in the previous quarter. According to CB Insights, an estimated 251 international deals were made during Q2, which is a noticeable increase from last quarter’s 245 deals. These figures specifically cited fintech companies supported by venture-capital investments. As for Asia, the deals ramped up from 43 in Q1 to 67 in […]

Asia Business Law Journal Interviews JJ Disini on Fintech

“Fintech”, short for financial technology, has become a major buzzword in recent years, especially in the most developed countries of the world. It is, however, still a relatively murky concept in some areas of the Asia-Pacific, even though it has already brought significant change to the economic landscape in the region. Many experts are seeing enormous fintech opportunities in the Asia-Pacific, and are also predicting the region to surpass the US and Europe in fintech innovations. Some say that government support, regulatory facilitation, consumer willingness, and easy access to capital are just a few of the reasons contributing to this […]

Brazil’s Small-Med Business Loan Market Attract FinTechs

Fintech firms in Brazil are experiencing a huge growth especially in consumer lending and credit cards. Fintech Banco Inter, along with other similar companies are looking into closing the gap or bridging loans for small and medium businesses by offering lower rates than traditional banks. The founding father of fintech Biva, Jorge Vargas Neto says that the very high rates and restricted credit available for small and medium businesses provide for fintech companies in the country a lot of room to grow.    Since 2015, Biva has originated loans amounting to  $9.1 million and offered rates between 1.7 percent and […]

First Fintech Building Tool in Africa Launched

Konkart, a platform enabling startups and developers to seamlessly create and manage virtual wallets has recently been introduced to Africa’s fintech sector. It intends to provide startups the ability to create and manage virtual wallets and transactions, as well as in-depth data analysis. Konkart’s core focus is to help startups develop Fintech solutions to address the unbanked sector in Africa. Koncart provides tools like Wallet API, Transaction ledgers API, and Business Intelligence analytics dashboard which allow business owners to create and maintain virtual wallets and manage transactions. Source: IT News Africa