3D Printed Guns Likely to Escalate UK Street Firearms Problem

It was recently reported that the controversial technology of 3D printed guns, which began its evolution in the US, is now posing an increasing problem in countries such as Australia and the UK.

The UK’s Office for National Statistics recently said that violent knife and gun crimes are now on the rise in the London and other metropolitan areas. It is said that this situation could be compounded by the fact that the files for 3D printing of guns are public domain, and the cost of home printing systems are going down.

It was also pointed out that the 1997 Firearms Amendments Act, which was passed by the government following the shooting of school children in Dublaine in 1996, makes it considerably difficult to own firearms in the country. This may also encourage criminals and gangs to look to 3D printed guns as alternative to sourcing real ones.

Source: ZDNet

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