About eLegal

The law is always in flux. Every day a new legal issue arises and changes the way people do business, relate with one another, and go about with their daily lives. There was a time when such issues were accessible only to the legal community, but today’s citizens have a plethora of digital tools and information channels at their disposal. Our goal at the Disini Law Office is to bridge the gap between these two areas, and eLegal is the embodiment of that vision – an attempt to raise awareness and spark wide-reaching discussions on the most pressing legal issues in the Philippines.

eLegal is an interactive repository of thoughts, comments, and ideas of the lawyers and contributors of the Disini Law  Office, the leading IT firm in the country. It will cover developments in various areas of law such as corporate law and technology and telecommunications. We will discuss even the more complex and technical issues in plain and simple English, in an effort to drive meaningful conversations across all sectors of society.


Disclaimer: The purpose of eLegal is to inform the digital public on the relevant laws and legal developments in the Philippines. Although our contributors make occasional commentaries, these comments do not in any way represent the views and opinions of the Disini Law Office and its lawyers.