Aleksandr Kogan: Use of Facebook Data for Trump Campaign Highly Unlikely

Aleksandr Kogan, the researcher currently at the center of the Facebook privacy scandal, recently said that the data he shared with Cambridge Analytica was highly unlikely to have been used to aid Trump’s 2016 campaign.

He added that the Cambridge Analytica’s parent company SCL, had been under enormous pressure from Facebook to delete the data which had been offered to Ted Cruz’s campaign. Kogan said that it was doubtful that SCL would have risked getting sued by Facebook for a data set which had been rejected by a client.

Kogan also clarified that he did not need any special permissions for his quiz app “This Is Your Digital Life” which he used to gather user data, as Facebook even before had allowed developers access to the data of users and their friends, whether the friends of users had given their consent or not.

Source: CNBC

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