BIR launches pilot testing of Electronic Tax Clearance System for online filing, payment and receipt of Tax Clearance Certificates

The Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) issued Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 52-2024 to disseminate the availability of the BIR Electronic Tax Clearance System (eTCS) which is a web-based system to allow taxpayer-applicants to conveniently file, pay and receive Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC). 


Revenue Region No. 8A-Makati City will be the Pilot Region and taxpayer-applicants registered in the said region may access the eTCS on the BIR website under the eServices icon “eTCS”.  A user’s manual is also available to assist taxpayer-applicants on the eTCS homepage in applying for a TCC.


eTCS covers the following TCC types and purposes for the pilot rollout:


1. Tax Clearance for Bidding Purposes (TCBP) for Non-Large Taxpayers

2. Tax Clearance for General Purposes (TCGP)

3. Tax Compliance Verification Certificate (TCVC)

4. Delinquency Verification Report (DVR)


The full memorandum may be viewed here.

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