Welcome, Reader! We are Disini & Disini Law Office (D&D), one of the leading law-firms in the Information Technology (IT) and Electronic-commerce (E-commerce) practice in the Philippines. D&D was founded in 2000 and offers a full-range of legal support services to a wide range of clients—from start-ups to established companies.

In 2014, we re-launched our website with a new look to make news and information about our firm more accessible to our clients and other casual online visitors. As a firm, we have a vision that we, as a people, can harness information available through the internet to bridge the gaps where there may be lapses.

Imagine an IT-empowered citizenry. This goal shouldn’t be too distant considering the Philippines as a country that already ranks first in social-media use worldwide.

Our expertise in the field of IT is exemplified by our efforts in pursuing our advocacies. D&D was involved in drafting the Implementing Rules for the E-commerce Act, and in Co-drafting Supreme Court’s Rules on Electronic Evidence. Recently, we filed a petition before the Supreme Court questioning the constitutionality of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. In the Supreme Court’s ruling in Disini v Sec. of Justice, the Court’s majority ruled favorably on two of the four issues we raised and partially on one, striking down the contested provisions on warrantless online surveillance, the take-down power of the Department of Justice and the double liability for online libel.

As part of our advocacy, we intend to take full advantage of the accessibility of cyberspace bydeveloping this blog. In this blog, we have provided a digital space for the opinions and musings of the Attorneys in our roster.

The blog itself is an interactive repository of thoughts, comments, and ideas by the lawyers and contributors of D&D. In its many entries, we will feature our insights and analysis with the hope of initiating discussions by providing a forum for our readers to engage our ideas. It will also feature useful information to enrich our readers’ grasp of certain legal concepts.

Of course, as a law firm, we will primarily be posting our thoughts and comments on current, pressing or interesting legal issues. Be it new or proposed laws, recent decisions by the Supreme Court, legal implications of current events, or even ordinary occurrences that have legal consequences; we will try to tackle these diverse legal topics by showing its impact on everyday life. As one of the leading IT firms in the country, expect entries covering developments in the field of IT to also be featured in the blog. But we assure you that the short blogs and articles will be presented in simple and accessible language. Inspired by the efforts of other great law blogs (or “blawgs”), this blog will feature essays that discuss even the more complex and technical issues of the law and IT in plain and simple English.

We hope that this blog will pique the interest of our current and potential clients, law students, and if our vision is to be truly realized, every other casual online visitor who seeks to learn more about new trends in IT and the law and how these makes an impact on their everyday life.

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