Chinese Social Media Tightens Censorship Ahead of China’s National Party Congress

It was reported last Wednesday that China’s major messaging app WeChat has stopped users from changing their profile photos, usernames, and taglines until the end of October.

The censorship move comes before China’s National Party Congress, a largely celebrated political conference that happens every 5 years in the country. The anticipated political summit determines China’s primary party leadership.

With the popular messaging app serving over 800 million registered users, WeChat is an example of how the government is tightening internet censorship for Chinese users. The conference was set to begin on Wednesday, with online restrictions being implemented the night before the event.

Internet censorship is employed to forestall the proliferation of political ideas that are not in in line with the government. Opinions which authorities do not want to encourage are silenced in the internet and social media.

Apart from WeChat, China’s top social media platform Weibo has also prevented users from uploading photos related to the Tiananmen Square massacre in June.

Source: TechCrunch

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