Chinese Users Comprise 40 Percent of Global Spending on Mobile Apps

According to App Annie’s “The State of Mobile 2019” report, Chinese made up 40 percent of $101 billion spent on mobile phone apps in 2018, despite the global slowdown of smartphone growth and temporary freeze on the sale of a number of games in China.


Jaede Tan, a regional director at App Annie said that China is one of the world’s biggest smartphone markets, but is unique in such a way that development varies from one city to another. Tan explained that in mature places like Beijing and Shanghai, users download fewer apps but spend more time and make more in-app purchased on them. Meanwhile, there is a long tail of tier 3 and tier 4 cities where people are still getting their very first smartphone. Combining those two things can make a great engine of smartphone growth, he added.


Source: CNBC

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