CIC ties up with NPC for webinar on data protection and privacy for borrowers

To celebrate the upcoming Privacy Awareness Week, the Credit Information Corporation (CIC) and the National Privacy Commission (NPC) will be hosting a webinar series entitled “#UsapangPrivaDo: Credit registry and your data privacy” on May 20 and June 8, 2022.


The webinar will feature resource speakers from CIC, Mr. Hans Lazaro, Paralegal, and NPC, Mr. Cleo R. Martinez, Information Technology Officer II.


The sessions are geared towards educating Filipino borrowers on how they can protect their personal information online. CIC President and CEO Joshua A. Baltazar stated that, “[W]e look forward to sharing with Filipino borrowers that access to their CIC Credit Reports can help them stay informed of their credit standing and guide them towards making sound credit decisions[.]”


Additionally, he expressed that the webinars were designed to further strengthen data privacy awareness and protect borrowers from the predatory lending practices of illegal online lending platforms (OLPs).


The full press release can be found here.

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