DICT Says No Extension For Sim Registration

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) reiterates that the SIM Card Registration will end on April 26, 2023 with no further extensions.


Pursuant to the SIM Card Registration Act or Republic Act No. 11934, SIM card users must register with the corresponding public telecommunication entities (PTEs) on or before the deadline.


“As the deadline for SIM registration draws near, it is imperative that all unregistered citizens take this matter seriously and register their SIMs without delay. Take the necessary steps to register your SIMs today and avoid the inconvenience and deactivation that comes with non-compliance,” DICT Undersecretary and Spokesperson Anna Mae Y. Lamentillo says. Non-compliance will result to deactivation, meaning that the user cannot anymore make calls, send texts, or use any other mobile data services.


The DICT also reminds the public to register only using the official websites of the PTEs, listed as follows:


  • SMART – smart.com.ph/simreg or simreg.smart.com.ph
  • GLOBE – new.globe.com.ph/simreg
  • DITO – https://digital.dito.ph/pto/download/app


In case of questions or issues encountered during registration, users may call the DICT hotline at 1326, or the following numbers:


  • SMART: 0947 714 7105
  • GLOBE: 0966 976 5971
  • DITO: 0991 481 4225


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