DICT Sees Growth in IT-BPM Industry in 2022

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) celebrates the growth in the IT-BMP industry in the Philippines in 2022. The industry saw an increase of 8.4% or 121,000 full-time employees (FTEs), and a growth of 10.3% in revenues.


DICT Secretary Ivan Uy highlighted DICT’s training and professional development initiatives for the workforce, the local government units, and the countryside, such as the digitaljobsPH Program which aims to provide basic digital literacy and intermediate ICT skills training in the Philippine countryside, and the IT-BPM Scaled Upskilling program which conducts advanced training in priority areas identified by the IT-BPM subsectors. The Philippine Skills Framework of the DICT likewise helped in aligning the skills and competencies identified by the IT-BPM industries.


To further strengthen the Philippines’ stance as the top investment destination for global services in the world through the “Leveraging the IT-BPM Industry and Fostering Local Talents” or LIFT program, Secretary Uy reiterates the need to continue building the ICT landscape in the countryside. Nevertheless, Secretary Uy is confident that the DICT initiatives will create more jobs for local talents.


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