DILG Issues Directive on Adoption of an Intellectual Property, Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Piracy Policy in the Workplace

In a Memorandum Circular dated 4 May 2022, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) issued a policy directive for all Local Government Units (LGUs), DILG Regional, Provincial, and Field Offices which seeks to promote and practice Intellectual Property and/or Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Piracy (ACAP) policies. 


The Circular recognizes the standing importance of intellectual property protection as critical in fostering innovation, protection of ideas, businesses, and for individuals to reap the full benefits of their creations and inventions, thereby granting more jobs and improving competitiveness.


The aforementioned government bodies are directed to develop, promulgate, and implement their own ACAP policies and guidelines which shall include the following prohibitions:


  • Prohibition on the promotion, patronization, sale, or offer for sale of counterfeited, and/or pirated goods and services;
  • Prohibition on the use of office-issued equipment and gadgets, online accounts, and internet connection in storing and/or downloading pirated materials, and in accessing websites and/or merchants that offer for sale, or allow the downloading of such materials or goods. (The same not applying if the purpose of such activities is to perform legitimate government work, to verify or investigate a report, claim, or complaint, and/or for case build-up);
  • Prohibition on the bringing of counterfeit and pirated goods inside the work premises by all persons except for valid reasons as mentioned above;
  • Prohibition on the use of illegitimate, and/or unlicensed software in office-issued equipment; and
  • Prohibition on the entry to the office premises of the LGU or DILG, of known or suspected peddlers of pirated materials and/or their agents for the purposes of conducting business or transactions relative to the same. (This not applying when the purpose or cause of such entry is for any other legal purpose.).


Furthermore, the Circular states that the prohibition of pirated materials in government offices be enforced through the following:

  • Posting of notices prohibiting counterfeit and pirated goods inside the office premises at all times, in conspicuous places, the office’s official website, and the office’s other social media accounts;
  • Establishment of an inspection area in all points of entry of the office building for the conduct of inspection prior to entry, and a secured area where people in possession of pirated materials can deposit the same prior to entry;
  • Conduct of necessary capacity development activities to keep all officials, employees, and personnel aware of the policies on the prohibition of pirated materials;
  • Creation of a mechanism to report, try, and impose sanctions against LGU, or DILG personnel found to be in violation of the directives under the Circular.


For more information, the full Memorandum Circular can be found here.

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