DILG Releases MC on 2022 Peace and Order Council Performance Audit

The Department of the Interior and Local Government released Memorandum Circular No. 2023-066 dated April 25, 2023, on the 2022 Peace and Order Council (POC) Performance Audit. 


The POCs are organized in furtherance of Executive Order No. 773, series of 2009, “Further Reorganizing the Peace and Order Council.” The POC is the government’s platform for stronger collaboration of the LGU with law enforcement agencies and the community against criminality, illegal drugs, insurgency, and violent extremism. 


To streamline the auditing process of the POC, the same shall be conducted via the POC Audit System, online. It shall cover:

  1. Seventeen Regional POCs, 81 Provincial POCs, 145 City POCs, and 1,489 Municipal POCs; and
  2. All DILG Regional, Provincial, City, and Municipal Field Officers that serve as POC Secretariat  primarily involved in the implementation of the performance audit; and
  3. The Bureau of Local Government SUpervision (BLGS) – Policy Compliance Monitoring DIvision (PCMD) which shall serve as the overall lead in the implementation of the POC performance audit. 


The performance audit shall be guided by the following pillars: Organization; Meetings; Policies, Plan, and Budget; Reports; General Supervision; and Innovations. 


Only the Protocols and the Manual will be used as tools during the audit process. 


A full copy of the Memorandum Circular may be read here

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