DOH Launches the Electronic Philippine National Formulary

The Department of Health, through its Pharmaceutical Division, is converting the Philippine National Formulary into an electronic database called the ePNF. The creation of the database is in line with the digital transformation efforts of the government to improve public service.


The ePNF is an online database on essential medicines approved for procurement by government procuring entities and reimbursement by PhilHealth. The database includes drug monographs and prescribing information to promote the rational use of medicines. The ePNF will improve the accessibility of the National Formulary and shall be regularly updated. According to the Department Circular, principal enhancements that the ePNF aims to provide are improved navigation through the Formulary, eased difficulties in updating and standardized content. The database also hopes to unlock the possibility of interoperability with existing and future procurement information systems.


The full Department Circular can be accessed here.

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