Citing the promotion of efficient administration of justice, trends of procedure, and advances in technology, the Department of Justice on 8 March 2017, released a set of rules governing the electronic filing of all petitions for review to the Office of the Secretary and Regional Prosecutors. The rule is also applicable to the comments, other documents filed pursuant to the petition, and other pleadings and motions filed thereafter.

Under the rules, only the original copy of the petition for review, comment, pleading, or motion, and its attachments shall be filed. However, the submission shall be accompanied by a compact disc (CD) containing the PDF files of the paper-based documents. If the submission is without an accompanying CD, it would deemed as not filed. Further, should there be discrepancies between the paper-based document and the electronic copy in the CD, the petition shall be dismissed.

The rules also require a verified declaration to be attached to the petition for review. The declaration should state that the pleadings or motions and the annexes submitted electronically are complete and faithful reproductions of the paper-based documents and the annexes. A petition will be dismissed if not accompanied by this declaration. Similarly, if the comments, pleadings, or motions are not accompanied by the declaration, these would be deemed as not filed.

The circular will be effective fifteen days after its publication. The circular may be found through this link.


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