FireEye Calls North Korea the Most Destructive Cyber Threat Today

Cybersecurity firm FireEye said this week that state-backed hacking group APT38 is a reminder that North Korea’s cyber capabilities should not be underestimated, and its unpredictability and destructiveness is making it a bigger threat than hackers from Russia, China, or any of the Five Eyes member countries.

It was reported by the New York Times that the DPRK has around 6000 hackers at present that are consistently persistent and improving. APT38, meanwhile, is said to be the first specialized hacking unit dedicated to money-making activities for a nation-state government.   

FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia revealed that unlike other hacking groups, North Korean hackers do not guard-rail their malware and do not care about collateral damage. The firm also said that APT38 had already amassed around 26 custom hacking tools during the last 12 years, which is a fair amount for such a group.

Source: ZDNet

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