Mastercard and AFI Hosts Cybersecurity Seminar in Malaysia

A large-scale cybersecurity training seminar was organized in Malaysia by Mastercard and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) for 70 financial regulators across 35 countries.

The event titled Cybersecurity Challenges and Resilience Management aimed to inform participants of best practices in preventing breaches, detecting threats, and responding to cyber attacks. The training also suggested policies that can reinforce protection for digital transactions.

According to AFI executive directive Dr. Alfred Hannig, the seminar was developed under the guiding principles of the AFI Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) and the global platform.   

Hannig stated that PPD partners’ need for comprehensive technical seminars ranked at 86.7% with AFI members. The training helps stakeholders share information with key private partners to resolve challenges in digital financial services.

Mastercard Community Relations executive director Ravi Aurora addressed the importance of safeguarding digital transactions and sharing innovative methods to decrease fraud risk.

With four years in the partnership, Mastercard has been enthusiastic in sharing cybersecurity information with AFI members.

Source: MIS Asia

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