NTC Orders Phone Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers to Warn Public Against Text Scams

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) issued Memorandum Order No. 006-09-2022, ordering mobile phone manufacturers, distributors, and dealers to inform the public of protective measures they can take against text scams.


The NTC met with representatives of mobile phone manufacturers, distributors, and dealers to discuss measures to protect users in light of the increase in text scam complaints received by the Commission. These text messages come in the form of a job offer or a promise of cash and discounts, usually accompanied by a clickable web link.


According to the representatives, mobile phones have various features, such as the blocking of unknown numbers and/or diverting scam messages to spam folders, that can protect users from these kinds of texts. The Memorandum thus imposes the responsibility to manufacturers, distributors, and dealers to disseminate through their websites and social media accounts, physical stores, and physical packaging instructions on how to block texts from unknown mobile numbers. These protective measures shall form part of the mandatory requirements for type approval/acceptance and related permits for customer premises equipment filed before the Commission.


Read the full memorandum here.

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