Pakistani Bank Suffers Cyber Attack, Denies Losing $6 Million

Karachi-based Bank Islami admitted last Sunday that its payment card system had been hit by a security breach, but denied the loss of an alleged $6 million in what is considered by the local media to be the biggest cyber-attack in the country’s history.


The bank said that it detected abnormal transactions on Pakistani debit cards from outside of the country. It added that it had already returned all the funds taken from customer accounts, which is around 2.6 million rupees, and denied that the hackers were able to steal $6 million.


However, the Pakistani Today newspaper is reporting that the bank may be aware that digital copies of customer credit card details may have been leaked. It was also reported that transactions on the credit cards have originated from Brazil and the US, and some were traced back to Point of Sale (POS) at Target Stores.


Source: ZDNet

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