PH Businesses Not Responsive Enough to Cyber Threat Alerts, Cisco Says

In its recently published 2018 Asia Pacific Security Capabilities Benchmark Study, Cisco said that most companies in the Philippines only investigate half of the cybersecurity threat alerts that they get.

The study took 150 respondents from the Philippines’ financial, telecommunications, retail, and software industries, all classified as medium and large enterprises.

Cisco found that although the respondents said that they receive around 5000 alerts per day, which is the one of the lowest among the Southeast Asian countries.


However, Cisco Systems Philippines Managing Director Karrie Ilagan explained that this can be attributed to the country’s level of digitization, which is not as high as Singapore’s. It may also partly be due to the recent implementation of the cybersecurity law and data privacy act which has created a lot of awareness and education.

Source: Business World Online

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