Russian Elite Hacking Group Still Very Active, Kaspersky Says

According to a report presented by Kaspersky’s GReAT team at the Virus Bulletin security conference in Montreal, Russia’s most elite cyber-espionage unit had remained active for the last three years, despite the absence of media coverage.

The group, named “Turla”, was not seen in the milestone DNC hack event which was participated by Sofacy [APT28] and CozyDuke [APT29], but Kaspersky says that the oldest and “most talented” Russian hacking group had been busy around the world striking strategic targets including government and foreign affairs organizations, universities, news agencies, and scientific research organizations.

The group is said to be sophisticated enough to hijack telecommunications satellites to deliver malware to remote areas of the globe. It was also responsible for hiding its control mechanism inside Britney Spears’ Instagram, and hijacking the infrastructure of entire ISPs to spread malware.


Source: ZDNet

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