SEC launches eAMEND online portal

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines has launched an online portal for the submission of the amendment of incorporation papers such as the Articles of Incorporation or by-laws.


The portal is called the Electronic Application for Modification of Entity Data (eAMEND) and was created pursuant to the SEC’s continued shift to electronic filing.


This portal is designed to make the process of amending incorporation papers more efficient and accessible.


There are two types of applications: (1) Those receiving a digital certificate; and (2) Those requiring original certification.


The first includes applications for changes to the Articles of Incorporation (AoI) and/or by-laws by domestic stock or non-stock corporations. The second includes those requiring original certification which include “those for the amendment of partnership, dissolution of partnership, conversion of OPC to an ordinary stock corporation and vice versa, and increase of capital stock of an OPC via cash.” Additionally, “changes in provisions regarding purposes, capitalization, and reclassification of shares of corporations, as well as other amendments to the AoI not covered in the first classification, shall likewise undergo regular processing.”


The press release can be found here.

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