Security Patches Overwhelm Singapore Firms

A recent global survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute showed that Singaporean companies are currently struggling with the influx of security patches, with as much as 78% admitting to the lack adequate resources to keep pace and 74% saying that they are unable to take critical systems offline for patching.

In the study which polled around 3000 respondents, with 165 from Singapore, it was revealed that the companies spend on the average around 154 hours a week just to roll out patches. Additionally, 79% said that they did not have enough personnel to apply the patches in a timely manner.

However, vice president and Asia-Pacific general manager for ServiceNow Mitch Young says that adding experts will not be enough to address the issue. Rather, automating routine processes and prioritising vulnerabilities would help organisations avoid the ‘patching paradox’.

Source: ZDNet

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