Security Researcher Exposes Exploit Code for Proof-of-Concept for WiFi Hack on iPhone 7

A security researcher from Google has shared evidence code on an iPhone 7 flaw that can be remotely exploited through WiFi.

Google Project Zero member, Gal Beniamini revealed that the code, when executed, inserts a backdoor into the firmware. This gives potential attackers the ability to issue read/write commands remotely. The vulnerability affects a wide range of products from smart TVs using tvOS, Android phones, and other devices that use Broadcom WiFi chips.

The exploit code was published after an iOS security update from Apple was released. The iOS 11 fixes this vulnerability.  Apple also sent out an update for tvOS to fix the issue. The vulnerability was patched in Android at the beginning of the month through the 2017-09-05 security patch.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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