The Anti-Distracted Driving Act at a Glance

The Anti-Distracted Driving Act or R.A. No. 10913, which aims to promote the responsible use of electronic devices on the road and protect citizens from vehicular accidents, has become law on July 21, 2016. Here are five things you should know about this Act:

  1. The Act covers all kinds of land transportation vehicles, whether public or private.
  2. All motorists using hand-held mobile phones, computers and any similar electronic devices while driving, even when temporarily stopped at a red light,  are liable under the Act. Hence, sending or reading messages on a mobile device, making or receiving calls, playing electronic games, watching movies or surfing the internet are prohibited.
  3. The use of hands-free functions or accessories to operate a device is allowed and is not covered by the prohibition provided that the device does not interfere with the line of sight of the driver. This includes voice commands, speaker phones, or earphones and microphones.
  4. Use of devices for emergency purposes, including, but not limited to, an emergency call to a law enforcement agency, health care provider, fire department or other emergency services, agency or entity is allowed under the Act.
  5. Use of the devices by operators of emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, and other vehicles providing emergency assistance, in the course and scope of your duties is also allowed under the Act.



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