The National Privacy Commission Launches the Philippine Privacy Trust Mark

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) launched the Philippine Privacy Trust Mark (PPTM) in order to increase trust and confidence in businesses and public offices. The mark signifies the highest level of assurance on data privacy compliance and secure cross-border transfers. Additionally, it allows consumers to make informed decisions.


The mark is voluntary and applicable to management systems but organizations must still ensure that products, services and projects adhere to data privacy principles. The mark is also valid for three years and may be renewed.


Privacy Commissioner Raymund E. Liboro urged all personal information controllers (PICs) and personal information processors (PIPs) to aim for the certification. He said that the mark would help data subjects identify organizations they can entrust their personal data with, and better exercise their data privacy rights. Additionally, “Certified PICs and PIPs can more easily integrate themselves in global value chains as they gain more clients, customers and business partners with their branding of secure privacy systems.”


The certification scheme evaluates an organization’s operational compliance with the Data Privacy Act through risk management and assesses its existing security measures. Under the guidelines, PICs and PIPs are also required to continually improve their management systems. Failure to resolve an issue within 6 months could result in the revocation of the certification. Invalid certification, a certified organization’s violation of the terms of audit, or the lack of declared requirements for management systems will also be considered grounds for the revocation of the mark.


The full press release can be found here.

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