US Senate to Protect Data Using Disk Encryption

It was confirmed this week that the US Senate will be using disk encryption on all of its computers as a basic measure to secure data that spies or criminals may attempt to extract from stolen hardware.


The move was decided upon last month by the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, which instructed the Senate Sergeant at Arms (SAA) to begin the data encryption process.


The measure was backed by Sen. Ron Wyden, a known proponent of cybersecurity. Previously, the senator also asked the government to stop using Adobe Flash on its computers and sites, urged the DOD to move all of its sites to HTTPS by the end of the year, asked the White House Cybersecurity Coordinator to deploy a solution that blocks ads on US government networks and computers to block malvertising, and pressed the DHS to deploy an emerging technology called Encrypted Server Name Identification (ESNI).



Source: ZDNet

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