US to Pursue Criminal Case vs Huawei Over Theft of Trade Secrets

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US Justice Department will be pursuing a criminal case against Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei over the theft of confidential information related to a robotic device developed by T-Mobile.


The legal action reportedly began in 2014 from a case where T-Mobile accused Huawei of stealing the parts, specifications, software and other trade secrets on its “Tappy” robot used for testing smartphones. Huawei eventually lost the case in 2017 when a federal jury decided in favor of T-Mobile and awarded it with $4.8 million.


It is said that the DoJ is likely to push through with the case, despite a statement by Huawei chairman Ren Zhengfei this week praising President Trump and his efforts at forging a new trade deal with China.


Source: CNBC

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