Zuckerberg Admits Failure in Emotional Q&A Interview

In a recent hour-long interview with TechCrunch, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered a number of critical questions on his company’s privacy scandal involving analytics firm Cambridge Analytica.

Zuckerberg admitted to TechCrunch that Facebook had failed to anticipate worst-case scenarios which led to a number of issues now hounding the company. He also said that it was a mistake to have been too dismissive of the impact of fake news, and clarified that the number of accounts affected the privacy fiasco may be closer to 87 million, instead of 50 million which was first quoted by the media.

Zuckerberg also addressed in the recorded call interview questions on the memo by Andrew Bosworth which called to prioritize the addition of more users, plans on taking legal action against Cambridge Analytica, and the deletion of Russian troll accounts.     

Source: TechCrunch

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